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Flag Iris - Shilasdair Our luxury yarns include :-

All of our dyed yarns are dyed for us by Shilasdair Yarns in specially designed dyeing cabinets using locally collected or imported natural dyes.


Shilasdair Yarns have changed the composition of the blends used to make up both DK and 4Ply weight yarns. The new blend replaces the Cashmere with Alpaca and is now made up of:

  • 10% White baby camel
  • 10% Alpaca
  • 40% Angora
  • 40% Merino lambswool

Handling and Yardage remain the same but shades will vary so please make sure you purchase enough to complete your project.

  • Colours are for guidance only and we do not have all the shades in stock all of the time.
  • Yarns titled 'wool and wool mixes' have colour codes which are generically applicable to all Aran, luxury mix DK and 4ply garments in the Garments and KnitKits pages.
  • The only exception to this are the natural shades of the undyed Shetland yarns (mid brown/dark brown and three shades of grey) these are available ONLY in Aran weight yarns.
  • Cream yarn is available in Aran/DK and 4Ply weights.
  • The nature of natural dyes, depending on where and when they are collected, whether the dyestuff is used fresh or dried means that colours cannot be exactly replicated. Therefore when making a choice please identify a range of colours in a particular type of yarn and we will send you some samples from which you can make your final selection.
  • Please ensure that you order enough for your project as we cannot guarantee to be able to match the shade at a later date.

You can order using our "Contact Us & Order" page and payment can be made via Paypal, or you can contact the shop with your card details.

Hover over the images for their shade codes.


Wool and Wool Mixes

  • lochans (9K) lochansL (64K)
  • moors (9K) moorsL (61K)
  • hebrideanS (8K) hebrideanL (44K)
Beautiful naturally coloured Baby Alpaca in DK St Kilda Laceweight: A blend of Soay, Boreray and Shetland wools in 2ply Brown Hebridean: A local Waternish wool in Light Aran Weight  
50% Silk/50% Merino Mixture Laceweight


Aran - Dyed100grm150mtrs / 175yds£8.95
Aran - Undyed100grm150mtrs / 175yds£7.95
Luxury DK100grm300trs / 330yds£12.75
Luxury 4ply50grm200mtrs / 220yds£6.95
Baby Camel
100grm220mtrs / 240yds£26.00
Baby Alpaca50grm110mtrs/120yds£8.95
St Kilda
50grm380mtrs / 416yds£15.00
Brown Hebridean
Light Aran weight

(Imperial conversion: Please note that 100 gm is a little more than 3Żoz. Yarn gauges are given in both, prices in metric only.)


Shilasdair Yarn Tensions per 4ins/10cm

YarnNeedle Size MetricNeedle Size USANo of StitchesNo of Rows
Aran, Shetland or Merino4.5 or 5mm7 or 81824
Luxury DK3.75mm52230
Luxury 4Ply3.25mm32836
Handspun Baby Camel3.75mm52028
Baby Alpaca4.0mm62028
St Kilda Laceweight2.5mm54250
Brown Hebridean4.5mm71825
Silk/Merino Laceweight3.5mm42234


Postage charges will be in line with the current rates charged by the Royal Mail and will be notified at the time of purchase. Insurance extra if required.